Mervyn Kahn wrote:
Sending you an copy of the original as was sent to mailman in a separate e
mail and here are the headers of the received e mail. <snip>
X-Mailman-Version: 2.1.5
Precedence: list
Cc: "\[Epasella\] " <epasella at>
List-Id: "\[Epasella\] " <>
List-Unsubscribe: <>,
<mailto:epasella-request at>
List-Archive: <>
List-Help: <mailto:epasella-request at>
List-Subscribe: <>,
<mailto:epasella-request at>
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
To: info at
Sender: epasella-bounces at
Errors-To: epasella-bounces at
There are problems in your 'epasella' list configuration.

The domain in all the email addresses above comes from the
list's host_name attribute on the General Options page. This should
not be ''. It should be the domain to which list email (e.g.
a post) is sent. Probably ''.

As far as the Cc: is concerned, I should have caught this earlier, but
I was thrown off by the domain. The "[Epasella] " part is
the list's description attribute (on the General Options page), and
the address <epasella at> is what Mailman thinks is the list
posting address. Again, the domain comes from host_name.

The reason this address appears as a Cc: is that it is no longer in the
To: header because the list is fully personalized, and we want it to
be somewhere in the headers so that the recipient can 'reply all' back
to the list.

In Mailman 2.1.5, you don't have much choice. We will not put the list
posting address in a Cc: if reply_goes_to_list is set to 'This list',
but this may be undesirable for many reasons. That's the only way to
get rid of the Cc: completely for a fully personalized list without
hacking the code.

Beginning in Mailman 2.1.6, we also do not put the posting address in a
Cc: for a fully personalized list if the list is anonymous
(anonymous_list is Yes) since that already puts the posting address is
From: and Reply-To:, but even an anonymous fully personalized list
will get the Cc: in 2.1.5 unless reply_goes_to_list is set to 'This

Mark Sapiro <msapiro at> The highway is for gamblers,
San Francisco Bay Area, California better use your sense - B. Dylan

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