In options.py, I'd like to be able to redefine loginpage(mlist, doc, user,
lang) and load it non-intrusively as a patch later.

How do I do this?

I would like it to behave like options_page(mlist, doc, user, cpuser,
userlang, message='')

This is so I can customize the look and feel.

It doesn't have to behave with an external template, just would like to be
able to change it and load it so it redefines the existing function.

The problem is right now it looks inconsistent, with the look and feel I've
been able to put in looking OK, but then the login screen and some of the
response screens show the plain mailman look and feel.

There is another poster to this list who just asked about SSI's well I'm
doing that by pulling the SSI templates remotely for SSI into the local
templates/en directory. I can help there, but I just joined so I can't
respond to that thread directly.

Thanks for any help.


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