This question is in the blurry area between Mailman and htdig. Using the
htdig patch from SourceForge, I've managed to
get Mailman 2.1.5 correctly building and searching message indexes.

However, we have one more wish item. Using htsearch to search message
indexes produces a nice HTML page of messages,
ranked in whatever order was chosen by the user. We would like to
include the name of the person (the author) of each message
in the HTML page produced by htsearch.

For example, if I search the "foo" group for messages containing the
word "bar", I currently see something like:

*** [foo] First Subject
** [foo] Second Subject

when I would like to see:

*** [foo] First Subject Author Name1
** [foo] Second Subject Author Name2

Anyone done something similar or know how to do it?


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postedApr 14, '05 at 9:44p
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