Dear mailmen and mailwomen,

I am a mailman site-administrator newby, although I have been the
owner of various mailman lists for a few years now.

I have got postfix working on a Debian sarge/testing Linux system.

I have configured mailman according to the comments in

When I try to start mailman :

greenhouse:/etc/init.d# ./mailman start

I get the message:

Site list for mailman (usually named mailman) missing
Please create it; until then, mailman will refuse to start

What's it referring to? (I checked out list_lists which indirectly
causes this message, but it is not clear to which file it is
referring. Pehaps I need to use a good Python IDE to help me
navigate through the code. Any suggestions?)

Also the log /var/log/mailman/error give the messages:

Jun 21 13:55:40 2004 mailmanctl(2089): PID unreadable in:
Jun 21 13:55:40 2004 mailmanctl(2089): [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
Jun 21 13:55:40 2004 mailmanctl(2089): Is qrunner even running?

... are these the effects of the first problem, or are they its cause?


James Sinnamon
jaymz at bigpond net auStralia
+61 412 319669, +61 2 95692123

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