Hi all,
Further to my post yesterday (below), I'd like to clarify a few things that have been pointed out by some people. The below occurs only when I send out a post/e-mail to my list, as it is a one-way list, our subscribers do not post at all. Mailman seems to continue to send the same post to certain individuals over and over again (at the rate of about 20 per minute) until I disable the list. As you can imagine, it's terribly embarrassing for us and upsetting for our subscribers.

Has anyone experienced/heard of this problem?

Many thanks,


Yesterday's post:

Please forgive me if I am overlooking a simple fix to this, but I have searched quite exhaustively for a solution to this problem.

I have been using a mailman list for the last few months, as a one-way information mailing list. However, on more than 3 occasions I have experienced some individuals receiving the same post/mail up to 600 times! It doesn't appear to stop until I disable the list, and it doesn't happen to everyone - just a select handful of subscribers.

If anyone has any ideas at all - I'd be grateful.

Many thanks,
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