I'm going to be debugging a Mailman install that has gone bad without much
previous "root" experience or Mailman except as a list owner. I have worked
with Apache some, but not enough to entirely understand the whole picture.
Here are the symptoms - sorry that I don't have the actual files to show.

The lists were running on another server, then the service provider upgraded
and moved to a new server. The lists quit parsing the virtual domains at
that time, but the list control panel was useable enough to be able to
insert the IP address of the hosting server under the default URL and then
all of the web interface and mail worked fine as it inserted the IP address
appropriately. Not too long after that Mailman was updated and then the IP
"fix" went away. Now, the web interface resolves to the virtual host when
anything is "clicked". I can get to the admin interface for the list I am
working with, but whenever I try to make changes, it defaults back to the
virtual host - giving me a "file not found" error. I've tried to "hack" it
by taking apart the source to get the appropriate CGI string - but it has
not happened. I can't change the named host to the IP address because when I
click the box it tries to send it through the virtual domain. I did go and
try to use a redirect to solve the addressing, but Mailman is run prior to
address resolution, so this doesn't work either and the redirect is useless.
My goals are the following:

1) Temp solution - locate and change the "host" to the IP address so that
links will work correctly (not the best solution)

2) Check all of the alias and virtual host entries and see what need to be
changed and make the changes and try to solve it this way.

Either solution, here is my problem. What changes need to have a recompile
before going into affect, what changes need a program restart, which changes
are simply to edit a configuration file where it will be parsed and used
automatically, and which changes don't go into effect without a server
restart .

Here are some of the files that I have researched that I need to check on -
can you help me with which will go into effect immediately, which are
needing recompile, which need a program restart (and which program) and
which need a server restart. As it is a large production server and I'm not
where I can actually do the restart, I need to coordinate server restarts
with the server owner.

Files to configure:


Do these changes need to be done each time a virtual domain is added to the
server? Is there a variable to make this happen automatically (come to think
about it - I haven't debugged to see if this might already be working fine
by adding a new domain)

Also, do I need to run this program for every existing list on the server?
If so, is there a way to batch this?

./bin/withlist -l -r fix_url <listname>

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