Many of the messages to this list describe difficulties users have
had in upgrading from one version to another, while preserving
existing lists, archives, preferences, etc. I must perform such an
upgrade soon (from 2.0.7. to 2.1.2), and wonder whether there is a
comprehensive treatment somewhere of the steps one should take to
insure a successful migration. My lists are on an ISP that provides
the mailman application, so there are limits to my control over the
situation. I have read the "UPGRADING" document in the installation
package, but it is very skimpy on details, and does not mention
archives at all. The issues that I am aware of are:

archives - I want them to be preserved, and for new mail to be
seamlessly added to the existing archives

aliases - I realize these need to be upgraded. the README.bsd file
gives no info on how to do this

list options - how do i preserve these?

subscriber lists and their preferences - how do i preserve these?

general - what needs to be backed up and restored, and how does one
do the restoration? (just copy the files back to the place they used
to be?)

Again, I am happy to RTFM if someone can point me to the FM. I am
reluctant to pore over hundreds of fragmentary answers in the
archives of this list, though I will do that if necessary.

Thanks for any help you might provide.


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