Hello everyone!

I have a problem with swedish characters in the subject line when sending mail to my
recently set up Mac OS X server (10.3) with mailman 2.1.2. Everything else works fine.
The thing that happens is that I get a space in front of the first swedish character and a space after the last one.
For example: "sm ?rg? sbord" should be "sm?rg?sbord". It only occurs in the subject line, not in the mail. If its more than
2 of those characters it will only effect the first and the last one!
I also just found out that it's only a problem when using Microsoft Entourage as a mail client.

Have any one heard of this problem?


Rickard Andersson

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  • Brad Knowles at Nov 13, 2003 at 3:28 am

    At 11:27 PM +0100 2003/11/12, Rickard Andersson wrote:

    For example: "sm ?rg? sbord" should be "sm?rg?sbord". It only occurs
    in the subject line, not in the mail.
    Sounds like your MUA is not properly formatting the subject line
    of the message in accordance to the MIME standards, specifically with
    regards to the character set used within the subject line. This is
    not something that mailman or the MTA can fix -- you need to get this
    fixed in the client.

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