I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees my list footers twice on some
posts because the clueless individual who sent the e-mail did not edit them
out. I'm trying to educate folks, but you know how that goes.

There should be some way to edit the footers out when they pass back
through Mailman. Encase the footers in some fairly unique characters,
search for those characters on incoming e-mail, then remove the characters
and everything between them. Something like the " <!-- text --> " html
comment code. Probably the best start and end code would be something that
looks like a fancy dividing line. A specific number of asterisks and
dashes for example.

Unfortunately I don't have the programing skill to do this. Anyone
care to offer some code, or at least some direction?

<>< Paul

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postedNov 1, '03 at 6:25p
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