I'm having slight difficulties with Mailman commands via email.

In particular, I don't seem to be able to set a user name when subscribe
commands are sent via email.

Sure, I can subscribe from any account as normal with my email client - just
send a message with "subscribe" and it uses my "From" address and name.

I can also subscribe other people to a list via email by putting their
address into the email body with "address=test at mydomain.com" and this works
OK as well.

But with the second option I can't pass a name? Also, with the first option
I may well want to pass a name variable as well - what about users with
login id's in their "From" address that would like to set their names?

I know it's possible to change your name via the www subscription options
page, but it would be very nice to set it via email as well. Does anyone
know if this is possible?



William MacLeod

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postedSep 11, '03 at 3:30a
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