Mailman Version: 2.0.13
OS: Redhat Linux

Hi Mailman users,

Currently, we're migrating from Majordomo to Mailman, and have run into a host
name issue. The email server we use has one domain, while we use an aliasing
system for our email addresses; for instance, my alias is G.Booth at, but
this mail would be forwarded through our LDAP system to
ghbooth at, which is also the server our Mailman lists are on.
This causes a problem with list names and the admin email addresses for each
list. Changing the host name for each list to listname at, which is how
our system needs to operate, causes the problem of having
listname-request at to appear, which needs to remain as
listname-request at

In order to get listname-request at to work, we would have to add, for
over 1000 lists, that alias into our routing system, from which our LDAP draws
information. That would be for listname-request, listname-admin,
listname-owner, etc. We would rather not have to go through that. It would be
much simpler if there were a way to modify the default message that Mailman
sends out when someome subscribers, when user password notifications go out
once a month, etc.

Is there, perhaps, a central location that I've not run across as yet to modify
these emails to provide for 2 different host names (one for the list address,
one for the administration addresses)?

I'll be happy to clarify any part of this that I may not have made clear. :)



George Booth G.Booth at
Systems Analyst II
TSM, Listserv, and Web Accounts Administrator
Technology Infrastructure Unit - iTech
University of Southern Mississippi

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