Anyone know if there is a way to send a member when their post is held for

I've had a few problems with people subscribing to one of my lists, posting
an advertisement, then unsubscribing ... so I enabled "New subscribers are
initially moderated" feature.

Unforunately, sometimes people post and expect their message to show up
immediately and end up resending it multiple times. I'd really like to be
able to send them a message indicating that their post was held for review,
and that when it is released, future posts will not be held.

I had hoped that the member_moderation_notice option would apply here ...
but it only applies when a moderated member's post is rejected.



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  • Abigail Marshall at Aug 25, 2003 at 11:54 pm
    Hello David,

    Saturday, August 23, 2003, 10:49:28 AM, you wrote:

    DG> Folks:

    DG> Anyone know if there is a way to send a member when their post is held for
    DG> moderation?

    Mailman 2.1.2:

    Administration, General Options --

    scroll down the page to:
    Send mail to poster when their posting is held for approval?

    Set to ()Yes.


    I think this can also be done in 2.0.x (at least the
    more recent versions) - - It would help when you post a
    question if you mention the version you are working with,
    because there are some significant differences in
    administrative interface.


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