I *think* I've found a bug in 2.12.

I've had a longstanding issue with all of my mailing lists pointing to the wrong
domain for mail archives. When I originally set up the server, used an initial
"recreational" domain name not intended to be used widely. The intention was
to switch to the real domain names later once the server went live. I did
that, but all of the URLs for archives (only archives) still pointed to the
stupid domain name.

I intended to fix this in 2.12 by using the fix_url function while I was also
fixing a bunch of other stuff. I've needed to move some of my lists to other
domains anyway, so this seemed like a good time. So I ran fix_url over almost
all of my domains, and tested them as I went. Everything went as planned,
except some of them still had the archives pointing to the recreational domain.
Then it dawned on me that the ones that didn't get fixed were all *public*
archives; the ones that did get fixed were all private.

I went to one of the public archives and switched it to private, and the URL to
the archives was then OK! Switched it back to public and it was wrong again.

So, it seems that this is a bug. Or I've missed a configuration setting



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