Hello, Mailman users,

A little while ago I wrote to report a problem that my admindb
was not being updated when I tried to manage it through the
web page interface. It turns out my problem was more general:
all web page cgi scripts simply do nothing (fail silently).
When you press submit, you return to the page as though
nothing had been submitted. In particular, nobody can
subscribe, which is a real problem.

I thought that perhaps the cgi scripts were expecting to be run
by Apache under a different group membership, however I verified
that our Apache is running as "www" and that Mailman was
expecting "www" group membership -- seemingly no problem there.

We're running Mailman 2.1.2 and Apache on FreeBSD and have reinstalled
Mailman already. Running bin/check_perms -f seems not to help.

I would appreciate any pointers or suggestions.



Emil Volcheck
volcheck at acm.org

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