I had a look around for clues on how to get Apache to parse the mailman
HTML for server side includes, and didn't find any hints, only this
Apr 12 2002, Ernesto Gluecksmann asked:
My question relates to Server Side Includes. My websites use these
heavily, and I want to know what's the appropriate way of referencing
these header and footer pages, so my mailman list information has the same
look & feel as the rest of the websites.
I guess I could have been looking for the wrong thing, or maybe it's just so
plain obvious that no-one bothered mentioning it, but just in case someone
is still looking:

<Directory /usr/local/mailman/cgi-bin/>
SetOutputFilter INCLUDES

Assuming - obviously - that you installed mailman in /usr/local/ and less
obviously that you're using Apache 2.0.


best regards,
Per Jessen, per at computer.org
http://timian.jessen.ch - an analog report-formatter using XSLT

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