Hi there!
I'm sorry but I'm still in trouble... I modified the .qmail-* files
regarding alias to mailman wrapper but I'm continuing to have problem
on posting messages and get help from *-request (and some other

I have a RedHat 7.2, QMail using Plesk Control Panel 2.5. So, last
version 2.0.13 worked great, no one problem. So I think settings
was correct.

Now I checked QMail logs and encontered messages like this:

Jan 2 15:36:21 wmge7c pop3d: Connection, ip=[]
Jan 2 15:36:23 wmge7c qmail: 1041518183.151484 starting delivery 235:
msg 2441311 to local bazzmann-it-informa-request at bazzmann.it
Jan 2 15:36:23 wmge7c qmail: 1041518183.151614 status: local 1/10
remote 0/20
Jan 2 15:36:23 wmge7c Mailman mail-wrapper: Illegal command: mailcmd
Jan 2 15:36:23 wmge7c qmail: 1041518183.162835 delivery 235: deferral:
Jan 2 15:36:23 wmge7c qmail: 1041518183.162948 status: local 0/10
remote 0/20

Have anyone the same configuration with a success installation?

Thanks in advance,

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