hi there

i bungled an already working installation of mailman trying to install 2.x

everything is now working. except for 1 thing:

every day at the time specified in my cron, I get the:

1 <listname> admin request(s) waiting

mail for every single list I have running. I've trolled the directory
tree, but can't find anything obviously wrong.

the eventual process to re-install was:

nuke /path/to/mailman

install 2.x in /path/to/mailman

copy the archives and lists, from the backup, to the new installation.

I've tried doing a "submit all data" on the blank pages where mailman
seems to think there's a request waiting, to no avail.

any suggestions or pointers to somewhere to rtfm for this specifically
would be appreciated.



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postedSep 30, '02 at 3:38p
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