It would be great if I could modify the footer of a mailing list to insert
the archive URL of the current message.

Is that easy/possible?

I apologize if this is a FAQ. I read the FAQ and the wish list and couldn't
find a reference to it. I also did at least a cursory google search and
couldn't find anything obvious related to this:


// mark

p.s. Suggestion: Put a "last updated" date on the wish list.

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  • Mark McEahern at Sep 22, 2002 at 12:29 am
    [JC Dill [mailto:lists at]]
    Why? They HAVE the message, why would they want the archive URL?
    To refer others to it. To save a reference to it without saving the message
    itself. Look at the Dr. Dobb's Python URL--e.g.,

    which offers a weekly summary of threads on comp.lang.python. Actually, the
    above reference is interesting because since I've been receiving the Dr.
    Dobb's Python URL, this is one of the first NOT to include references to the
    messages summarized.


    // mark

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