I've just started using mailman, and it's not performing
quite how I'd expect.

qrunner is using around 140mb of ram to process messages,
and taking about 20 minutes of CPU time. I'm not sure
exactly what processor is in the box, but something like
an 800mhz zeon.

These numbers seem a little excessive to me.

It's a bit hard to tell exactly which circumstances cause
this to happen, but at the moment it's trying to do a
500kb message to 217 people. I've also seen this behavior
with smaller messages to one person today.

When mailman passes the message to exim, the smtp log says
that it took less than half a second.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? It doesn't seem
right that it should take so long to send each message...

FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE, Mailman 2.0.8, Python 2.2, Exim 3.34

Best regards,

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