Hi all,

First -- thank you for everyone's help figuring out how to customize the
actual welcome message (not the prepend text).

Now, for the problem: I'd like to know if there is a command that needs to
be included in subscribeack.txt that would pull the prepend message and
insert properly (and that probably got erased when they made
subscribeack.txt blank).

Here are the details: I'd like to leave the welcome message blank (as
suggested on this list), so that the prepend text becomes the entire
message. I don't have access to the server but my host has been trying out
all the suggestions you provided.

When the subscribeack.txt is left blank, the prepend portion never appeared
and the welcome message is blank. I figured maybe there had to be something
to prepend above, so had the admin insert a line of text - but the welcome
message now only includes that one line, never the prepended text.

This is what made me think some sort of string needs to be inserted to force
subscribeack.txt to included the proper pre-pend info.

My host's admin could not find any command or variable that would do this
and I don't have access to a Unix machine, so I can't look at the help
files. I did a thorough search of the archives and could only find
suggestions that the subscribeack.txt file be left blank, and prepend text
would automatically appear.

Thanks! Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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