Hi all,

I've been looking through the archive and read the two FAQ's (one on list.org,
the other one on python.org amd I have a question:

I'm trying to setup a virtual hosting mailman site, but im running into the
following issue:

1) VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW is on, and im running mailman from the ports tree,
version 2.0.10
2) The FAQ says i need to create a unique listname on the 'default' host,
which I do using the newlist command. Lets say the name is
'foobar-vhostdotcom'. Next, I change the weburl and mail domain to
vhostdotcom. This will make the list show up in the listinfo of the mailman
interface on vhostdotcom. Yay!
3) When I try to change the name to 'foobar' (since I no longer need the
vhostdotcom in its name) the interface denies me. This means the list is still
only accessible using 'http://vhostdotcom/mailman/listinfo/foobar-vhostdotcom
.. which seems a bit redundant ;)
4) Also, when I am at the vhostdotcom listinfo page, and click to the 'list
admin overview' page, I will see all lists, both on vhostdotcom and the
default host. Why ? I really dont need all people on vhostdotcom to know the
existance of all lists ;-)

Could someone please give me a hint ? I'm sure I did something wrong, being
new to mailman and all ;)


Nils Vogels PGP:0xC26BD15F Available on keyservers.
S at H:4465WU/6.100yr --> setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu. Will you find aliens?

My other computer is your windows box.

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