I want to thank the developers for such a top notch open source product.
There are obviously areas that could be improved and I gather from what
I've read that 2.1 has many new features.

I realize that this code is targetted at handling pipermail archives,
but it would be nice if private.py would reference an external text
file of content type mappings or use the CERN .meta files. In my
environment, I've replaced pipermail with the updated hypermail and
I've kept the default path so I can retain Mailman's authentication.
While trying to determine why archived attachments were coming back
in binary format, I discovered that the code is, shall we say, rather

def content_type(path):
if path[-3:] == '.gz':
path = path[:-3]
if path[-4:] == '.txt':
return 'text/plain'
return 'text/html'

I've manually added the types that are needed in my environment, but it
would be nice to see the code updated so I don't have to reapply the change
with each incremental update.

I'm currently at version 2.0.8



Scott Armstrong

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