Does anyone know if there is a way to include a string (right term?)
in the footer in outgoing messages that would give the location (=
URL) of the messages in that list's archive? If Mailman is set up to
create an archive then each message posted to Mailman will have its
own URL.

I am not sure if this question has logistically problems, though.
Does Mailman "know" when it sends out messages where they will be at
in the archive -- or only a hundredth of a second later, after it has
been send out?

This would be very useful to have for an academic discussion list
where people might want to QUOTE postings in their publications. So
each message subscribers would get in their e-mail would have a
footer that says something like:
You may quote this posting by referring to the following URL:

Sorry if this should have been asked before -- I could not find any
such entry in this mailing list.

Frank Hoffmann
Frank Hoffmann
http://KoreaWeb.ws * Fax: (520) 438-4890

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