I notice that in the Mailman admin pages, it is simple to subscribe many
email addresses to a single list. Is it similarly possible to easily
subscribe (or unsubscribe, or make other admin changes to) a single email to
many lists?

This has to do with migrating from Majordomo. We manage 12 lists, and had
set up a web form subscription page, and generally subscribers belong to all
12 lists. In most cases, if a subscriber wanted to make changes, they would
want to make the same changes to every list. It would be redundant and
annoying for them to have to visit 12 separate webpages, to enter their
password 12 times, to make an administrative change (to put 12 separate
lists on "hold" during vacation, for instance), when they used to be able to
do that from one single web page, with one "click". I would really like to
avoid adding this inconvenience. I haven't been able to figure out how to
implement this in Mailman.

Again, any suggestions would be appreciated.



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