I recently ran into trouble moving a mailing list from a Red Hat Linux box
to OpenBSD. The main problem was a permissions issue on one of the lock
files in /home/mailman/locks that was causing Mailman to sleep
indefinitely. Here are the steps used to get things to work. Thought
they might be helpful to someone....

Assume you have a list called "mylist".

1. First, archive the list on the old server:

# su mailman
# cd /home/mailman
# tar cvs oldlist.tar archives/private/mylist \
archives/private/mylist.mbox \

2. On the new server, unarchive the tar created above

# su mailman
# cd /home/mailman
# tar xvf oldlist.tar

3. Use the move_list script to fix internal references up:

# bin/move_list mylist

4. Use the check_perms script to fix any permission issues:

* bin/check_perms -f

Once this is done, you should be able to access the admin login screen
for you list. Login using the new server's site password. You can
then scroll to the bottom of the the main admin screen and change the
password to the old list admin password.

At this point, you should be ready to go!

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