I'm new to this list, and have a problem I seem unable to shake.

In a nutshell, I have a mailing list (set to be a private list with one
non-list member who can post) where every message elicits an Admin
Approval Required, with the reason: Message has implicit destination.

For starters, I'm not really sure what the message means.

But I thought it was related to having set the list up under a virtual
domain that didn't actually have any mail accounts (nor the possibility
of them). In the end I tried to use the list through the parent domain
(which was processing the list just fine) and that worked except that
all messages encountered this message. I figured that was because
somewhere it thought it was being asked to send stuff to the virtual
domain, or something.

So I got rid of the list on the virtual domain and recreated in on the
parent domain. And I get the same behaviour.

I should probably add that I don't adminster the server on which these
domains and lists are. Its a commercial operation that provides a lot of
useful extras (like Mailman). But I'm hoping that perhaps this sort of
problem has an easy fix from the mail admin level.

Anyone able to offer some help?

Take care,

Liam Routt liam at routt.net
Darcsyde Productions http://www.routt.net/Caligari/

-- still waiting for the Absolute Destiny Apocalypse --

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