hello ,

I finally got around to release, PLEASE report anything failings to me.

summary of changes since 0.10

* General

   - Apply [ 2714873 ] Fix for the overwritting of document attributes.
   - Support embedded aliases within hyperlink references.
   - Fix [ 228 ] try local import of docutils components (reader, writer, parser,
     language module) before global search.

* docutils/parsers/rst/directives/tables.py

   - Fix [ 210 ] Python 3.3 checks CVS syntax only if "strict" is True.

* docutils/writers/html4css1/__init__.py
   - Fix [ 3600051 ] for tables in a list, table cells are not compacted.
   - New setting `stylesheet_dirs` (see above).

     Now, it is easy to add a custom stylesheet to Docutils' default
     stylesheet with, e.g., ``--stylesheet_path='html4css1.css, mystyle.css'``

     Changed behaviour of the default settings:
       if there is a file ``html4css1.css`` in the working directory of the
       process at launch, it is used instead of the one provided by Docutils
       in the writer source directory.

   - New default for math-output_: ``HTML math.css``.
   - Avoid repeated class declarations in html4css1 writer
     (modified version of patch [ 104 ]).

.. _math-output: docs/user/config.html#math-output

* docutils/writers/latex2e/__init__.py

   - Drop the simple algorithm replacing straight double quotes with
     English typographic ones.
     Activate the SmartQuotes_ transform if you want this feature.
   - New setting `stylesheet_dirs`: Comma-separated list of directories
     where stylesheets are found. Used by `stylesheet_path` when expanding
     relative path arguments.

.. _SmartQuotes: docs/user/config.html#smart-quotes

* docutils/writers/manpage.py

   - Fix [3607063] handle lines starting with a period.
   - Fix option separating comma was bold (thanks to Bill Morris).

all the best

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