I have updated the RPM distribution on postgresql.org today.

The last two releases, 6.5.3-2 and -3, in both locale and non-locale
versions, are available. I'm keeping two releases rotating online in
case serious problems are found in the latest release that were not in
the next-to-latest release.

The directory structure for the RPMS has been changed somewhat, with the
RPMs now being under /pub/bindist/RPM, rather than being in /pub/RPM and
/pub/SRPMS, although those two locations have been symlinked into the
appropriate directories under /pub/bindist/RPM so that preexisting links
wouldn't be broken.

Many thanks to Marc and Jeff for making the update possible.

Latest release: postgresql-6.5.3-3 and 6.5.3-3nl.

Please read /pub/bindist/RPM/README and README.rpm for more information.

Lamar Owen
WGCR Internet Radio
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