As per requested on:
The version of Postgres (6.5.3, 6.5, beta 990318, etc.). 6.5.3
Your operating system (i.e. RedHat v5.1 Linux v2.0.34).
RedHat Linux 6, Linux v2.2.12
Your hardware (SPARC, i486, etc.). i686
Did you compile, install and run the regression tests cleanly?
Compiled, installed, would not run cleanly.
Following failures:
float8 .. failed
geometry .. failed
These seem possibly minor.

create_index .. failed
sanity_check .. failed
numeric .. failed
numeric_big .. failed

Whoa. These do _not_ seem minor. Inspection showed that the backebd
! pqReadData() -- backend closed the channel unexpectedly.
! This probably means the backend terminated abnormally
! before or while processing the request.
! We have lost the connection to the backend, so further processing is impossibl
e. Terminating.

On subsequent tests, float8 and geomtery contined to fail, numeric
and numeric_big hogs 100% of the CPU, occasionally fails. Is this normal?

Other problems: dropdb appears to be among the missing, possibly other

Ron Chmara

Brought to you from iBoptheMac, a Linux/PPC iMac, currently running MacOS.
Your bopping may vary.

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