as requested in the Admin's guide, I want to tell you that I've set up
PostgreSQL on my system without any serious problems.

Used hardware:

Intel Pentium (i486-platform)

Installed operating system:

SuSE LINUX 6.1 (german version) with kernel 2.0.36, modified by SuSE
(I think this LINUX-release is based on RedHat, it is very often used in

PostgreSQL version: 6.5.3

I have compiled and installed PostgreSQL (including locale support)
without any problems, the regression tests worked fine except of some
small errors:

The FLOAT8-Test failed
The GEOMETRIC-Test failed
The RANDOM-Test failed.

I attach the generated regression.out-file to this e-mail.

With best regards,

Harald Husemann
System Administrator
Dunkel + Schürholz GmbH

P.S.: Keep on the good work! I'm really glad that I've found an
SQL-Server cheaper than Microsoft's SQL-Server (in fact, a freeware one)
which will hopefully meet our requirements!
(We want to use it as a back-office server for our Product database)

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