I would like to inform you that I succeed in porting PostgreSQL to my
HP-UX 11 box. Following is all the information you might be interested
in :

PostgreSQL version : 6.5.2
OS : HP-UX 11.00 - 64 bits version
Hardware : HP 9000/800 D390/1
Encountered problems :
(You will find in the included tar file the patch and regression files)

* I had a very stange bug with 'configure' because I can't reproduce it
again now. It was impossible for 'configure' to determine my machine
type. I fixed it with a ugly patch, forcing 'host_os' to 'hpux' directly
in 'configure'. I think the problem may be due to my environment.

* I compiled using gcc (v2.8.1) and aC++ (vA.03.13). I read in the HP-UX
FAQ that it won't work. But I don't have HP C and I didn't install g++
because I don't need it. So I tried and found easy to solve the
compilation problem. It was due to differences in compilation options
between g++ and aC++. I fixed it in

* I found an error in the regression tests about the polygon. This error
is not reported in the HP-UX FAQ. The differences between expected and
obtained values seem strange to me. As I don't plan to use polygon, it
won't affect my work.

Thank you for very valuable work, I'm a new user of PostgreSQL but I
think it will help me in my project.


Ronan VIEL Architecture de Services Carte
France Telecom - BD/CNET/DSV/SCA/SRI Caen
Phone: +33 (0)2 31 75 93 38 / Fax: ++ 09 44
E-mail: ronan.viel@cnet.francetelecom.fr

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