Version 6.5.2
Hardware: sparc-sun-solaris2.7
Compiled with gcc 2.8.1

User: Novice

I have a PERL script that I use to create the database ieee_papers. This
script work with the previous version of
PostgreSQL 6.5.1. Since I was only in the test stage of 6.5.1 when 6.5.2
came out, I decided to blow away
6.5.1 and compile 6.5.2 .

Now when I run this same script, I receive the following error message.
Have anyone reported this type
of message?

The database ieee_papers seem like it's getting created.



Destroying database ieee_papers
All records in ieee_papers will be destroyed beyond retrieval.

Hit <cntrl>C now if you do not wish to do this.

Creating database ieee_papers
<b>Database Error or Insufficient Privilege.</b><br><br>

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