I have, after testing by myself and others, verified the integrity of
the upgrade procedure I released with the 6.5.1-0.7lo and 6.5.2-0.2lo
RPM sets -- after squashing some bugs and misconceptions (thanks
primarily goes to Dale at RedHat, as he saw what I didn't -- then I
relayed how to fix it).

THEREFORE, I am announcing NON-BETA UPGRADING RPM's for RedHat Linux 6.0
and 5.2, available from http://www.ramifordistat.net. These RPMs carry
a release of 1, no lo appended.

These RPMS include a fully functional pgaccess 0.98 -- as the 6.5.2
tarball didn't. Also, Thomas' gram.y patches are incorporated at his

In order to rebuild from the source RPM, you must be running at least
RPM 3.0.2, and must have a full development environment installed --
particularly python-devel, which is not installed by default on RedHat

I will be continuing to make improvements and bug fixes to the
packaging, as well as keeping up with the latest and greatest PostgreSQL
released version. If there is demand, I am willing to try to package the
snapshots, for those bleeding edge testers -- however, it is probably
more productive to only package the 'official' PostgreSQL betas. I am,
as always, open to suggestions.

I have, in this line, reorganized my postgres RPM information on
ramifordistat.net to reflect dual development tracks, with a released
non-beta rpm always available in parallel to the beta rpms. If Marc and
the rest of the group want to place the non-beta rpms on
ftp.postgresql.org, be my guest.

Many thanks to those who, in this list particularly, who have helped
with testing these (and Thomas') RPMS and have provided patches. Most
were incorporated by me or had already by incorporated by the fine folks
at RedHat (I particularly liked the init script modification to remove
stale locks in /tmp). Many thanks to Thomas for starting this snowball
rolling and for allowing me to be flattened by it. And many many thanks
to the fine folks at RedHat, who helped a great deal in lots of
different ways!

Lamar Owen
WGCR Internet Radio

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