I work for a software company in the U.K. that provides a basic to 'C'
translator called SDbasic.

Recently we have been upgrading this product to include ODBC support, what
we have done works fine on Microsoft ODBC V3, but many of our customers
are looking for unix solutions.

We have looked briefly at postgresql to see if it can be supported by our
'basic to odbc' interface, mostly it works, but I seem to have a problem
with updates and deletes. Our interface uses either SQLSetPos for Updates
and deletes, or UPDATE table-name SET ... WHERE CURRENT OF cursor-name
statements for update, and DELETE FROM table-name WHERE CURRENT OF cursor-name
for deletes if the ODBC driver doesn't support SQLSetPos for these,
I believe this method is called Positioned Updates. From what I can tell
ODBC provided with postgresql supports neither method. (I cannot use
UPDATE .... WHERE column-name=value). If I use a WHERE CURRENT OF cursor-name
I get 'parser: parser error at or near "of" returned as SQLTEXT and 08S01
returned as SQLSTATE and I have previously successfully creates a cursor name
using SQLSetCursorName.

Looking at the source code for the provided ODBC it would appear from the
comments that Updates/Deletes using SQLSetPos and/or WHERE CURRENT OF cursor-
name statements have been considered, but are not yet currently supported.
Please can you, if this is supported suggest what I might be doing wrong,
or if not currently supported advise when this will be included.

Many Thanks
Richard Richardson

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