As requested in INSTALL.

PostgreSQL 6.5.1
Solaris 2.7
Compile clean (--with-perl, --with-odbc) using gcc2.8.1, libdstdc++2.8.1
Install clean (required /etc/system changes for SHMMAX)
Regression test failed (below)

-- included file --
=============== Notes... =================
postmaster must already be running for the regression tests to succeed.
The time zone is now set to PST8PDT explicitly by this regression test
client frontend. Please report any apparent problems to
[email protected]
See regress/README for more information.

=============== destroying old regression database... =================
=============== creating new regression database... =================
=============== installing PL/pgSQL... =================
Cannot find the file /usr/local/pgsql/lib/plpgsql.so
This shared object contains the call handler for PL/pgSQL.
By default, only PL/pgSQL is built and installed. Other
languages must be explicitly enabled at configure.

To install PL/Tcl make sure the option --with-tcl is
given to configure, then recompile and install.
createlang failed

-- end included file --

No sign of any plpgsql.so in the installation, so I presume that the
regression tests are not being kept up to date.

Dwight Lee / [email protected] 1530 Morse Avenue
Information Technology Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 USA
Virtualcolor Division +1 847 357 9500 voice
Fort Dearborn Company +1 847 357 8726 fax

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