Hello. I'm a student at the University of Valencia ( Spain ). We are
using Postgresql-6.4.2 on PC Linux machines on one of our Database
Subjects. I have an Amiga at home with Linux/m68k installed. ( kernel
2.0.33 ) It is not a Red Hat distribution, but I have been succesful
in compiling the entire source code with the 'gmake all' command,
with one exception : there are various references to a function named
'tas' on .c files corresponding to the /backend/storage/buffer and
/backend/storage/ipc directories. The problem seems to be on the .h
file s_lock.h located at /src/include/storage/s_lock.h
Here there are various asm definitions of the 'tas' function, for
various platforms ( Alpha, i386, Sparc...) but there's no
implementation of the TEST_AND_SAVE operation for m68k processors.
Can you help in any way ? If is not possible to implement a 'tas'
function for such processor, How can I use semaphores instead?
Thank you in advance ,
Miguel Cubells Baeza, from Spain
P.D : I'm sure that with this problem solved, I would be able to run
Postgres on my Linux/m68k finally !!

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