I'm trying to setup Kerberos authentication with PG on Windows 2000.

I have installed the MIT Kerberos Windows dlls into the PG bin directory
- replacing the krb5_32.dll and comerr32.dll from the PG install.
I did this because the PG install did not have the krbcc32.dll,
which is needed to find the credentials cache on Windows.

The name of the service is 'POSTGRES', as is the name of the user
who starts the service.

I've created the krb5.keytab, and set its location in postgresql.conf,
and set
krb_srvname = 'POSTGRES'
krb_server_hostname = 'host.domain.com' (the host machine)

I've set pg_hba.conf to use krb5 for my username.

When I try to connect with psql, I get the following error in the cmd
'krb5_sendauth: Bad application version was sent (via sendauth)'
and the following msg in the pg_log
'authentication LOG: Kerberos recvauth returned error -1765328179'

I found a thread in the mailing list regarding a problem with
the kerberos authenication on windows in the 8.1beta2 version of PG.
Kerberos brokenness and oops question in 8.1beta2
Is this related to the error I'm getting?


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