I'm currently developing an access method for a research project, and I
need some experimental measures. So I wrote an extension for PostgreSQL,
with all functions in a single C file.
I built Postgresql 8.1.3 from sources and installed it using MSYS.

Following the instructions at section 32.9 of the manual
(http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.1/static/xfunc-c.html#DFUNC), I compiled
the C file without any message. But I just can't succeed in producing the
shared object using MinGW & MSYS. No matter what library directory I
indicate, I still get the same set of "undefined reference to ..."
messages. I know this means a library is not found.
The command line I'm using is:

gcc -L/local/pgsql/lib -shared seqsumproc.o

So my questions are :
1- is there something wrong in the command line I'm using above ?
2- what is the name of the library that contains all server functions ?
3- I read from other mails on this mailing-list that the shared library
produced by MinGW is a DLL. Is the extension automatically given or should
I rename the file later ?

I read as much as I could to get a solution before asking here, including
this mailing-list's archive.
Thanks for reading and any help.

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