Let's face it, Age should be nothing more than a number
It's okay to want to hold on to your young body as long as you can

With increasing longevity for an increasing segment of the population,
this is THE frontier for the new millennium-Dr Virgil Howard

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They are the best! a medical miracle
cross me out

Our assessment of treatment effects for patients with P aeruginosa, Gram
negative, and blood infections relies on subgroup analysis. We did not
detect an advantage for combination therapy among these patients. Only few
patients with documented P aeruginosa infections could be evaluated. The
types of infections addressed by included studies—severe infections acquired
in the hospital or pneumonia acquired in intensive care units—suggest that
further infections were caused by this pathogen.
For the boy's fatigue induced him to sleep far beyond daybreak, and during
this period of unconsciousness he was passing over the face of European
countries and approaching the lawless and dangerous dominions of the Orient

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