Peter Eisentraut wrote:
Tom Lane writes:
Peter: is our configure stuff actually able to cope with this? It
looks to me like configure will look for a library providing
"gettext", when it would need to look for "libintl_gettext". Or
should we just state that such-and-such an implementation is too
broken to use?
Well, if it looks for 'gettext' and the library actually contains
'libintl_gettext', then it wouldn't get picked up. We should wait for
details about the users installation.
Ok... I eventually managed to get postgresql compiled that day ...
As I'm not really proficient with makefiles and custom builds I probably
solved the problem the wrong way... But it works...

I added '-lintl' to make targets that caused problems and they compiled
nicely :) ... My configuration might be specific in one respect - I
already had gettext library installed before but I did not have a
development version of the package (headers and such) and I couldn't
install development package for the version of gettext that I had because
they were already unavailable... Thus, I installed the newest gettext
library together with headers ... So, maybe having two versions of the
same library might have confused 'configure' or 'make' ...

But shouldn't configure know that it ought to add '-lintl' to LDFLAGS or

Anyway, I'm not experienced enough to know what the problem is, so I just
thought that you might know how to avoid someone else having this kind of

Best regards,

'There really is a big sign hanging from it readin "we ran out of time, so
had to stop making the game, instead made boring hack&slash levels from
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  • Tom Lane at Oct 6, 2003 at 8:36 pm

    blue writes:
    But shouldn't configure know that it ought to add '-lintl' to LDFLAGS or
    It does. That's why we're interested in your report --- it's not
    obvious why configure didn't add -lintl.

    regards, tom lane

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