Once the mirrors come up to speed, you may download the latest RPMset from:

Please actually read the file 'README.rpm-dist' in that directory BEFORE

Binaries are, as before, provided for Red Hat 7.1 only at this time. Source
RPM is provided, and should rebuild just fine on most any LSB-compliant
RPM-based Linux. README.rpm-dist has instructions on how to rebuild, and
improved instructions on building just what packages you need.

Changelog from PostgreSQL-7.1.2-5PGDG RPMset:
* Fri Aug 17 2001 Lamar Owen <lamar.owen@wgcr.org>
- 7.1.3-1PGDG
- Kerberos auth optional.
- Sync with latest Rawhide RPMset.
- Minor README.rpm-dist updates.
- Handle stop with stale pid file.
- Make packages own their directories.

Kerberos-5 support is built by default. Some bugs found during some QA
processing were fixed by this newer set. The new intarray code shipped with
the 5PGDG set is now also optional, and not installed by default.

If you want the postmaster '-i' switch behavior, please read README.rpm-dist
-- the _right_ way to do this is documented there. Editing the initscript in
/etc/rc.d/init.d (or /etc/init.d) is NOT recommended, as that file WILL be
overwritten during an upgrade!

This was probably the smoothest new build I've done in the 7.1.x series -- a
testimony to the improving maturity of the 7.1.x series. One edit of the
spec file, and the build just _happened_.

HOWEVER, there is one known security issue in this RPMset, specifically with
the postgresql-perl client, Pg.so. Due to the way RPM's are built, in
conjunction with the way the Pg Makefile system works, Pg.so receives an
RPATH that includes the rpm 'buildroot' in it. This is BAD. This means that
any user on the box could cause Pg.so to load an arbitrary library. I am
working on this, and expect to see an update once fixed.
Lamar Owen
WGCR Internet Radio
1 Peter 4:11

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