Updated RPMs are released for RedHat 7.1. As I no longer have a Red Hat 6.2
or 7.0 machine to rebuild on, this is the only distribution for which I am
packaging binaries. The source RPM should build on RH 6.2 just fine, though.

This is a minor bugfix release related to RPM packaging bugs _only_. If you
are currently using the 4PGDG RPMset, you should be fine, and you don't
necessarily need to update.

One note: you need the 'mx' Python tools package installed to be able to use
the Python client. RPM's for the mx package are available in Red Hat's
'RawHide' distribution -- and that RPM installs just fine on Red Hat 7.1.
For your convenience, the mx RPM from the current public RawHide is included
in the the redhat-7.1 directory with the 5PGDG RPMs, as that package is not a
standard part of RHL 7.1.

This dependency has existed since PostgreSQL 7.1 beta -- I just hadn't found
it. Many thanks to the team at Red Hat for finding this.

The older 7.1.2-4PGDG RPMsets for RH 6.2 and RH 7.0 will remain on the server
until I can get 6.2 and 7.0 build systems set up.

Files will soon be located in /pub/binary/v7.1.2/RPMS/ on your favorite
ftp.postgresql.org mirror shortly. The new README.rpm-dist is available
fromthe website.

Bugs fixed since 7.1.2-4PGDG:
Dependency on mx package.
Paths in the prebuilt contrib tree broken.
Newer intarray.
S/390 patches from RedHat. (Can contribute those to the core....)
Minor typo update to README.rpm-dist
Dependency correction for -devel subpackage.

Lamar Owen
WGCR Internet Radio
1 Peter 4:11

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