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is likely to be specific to one platform then please fill out this form
and e-mail it to pgsql-ports@postgresql.org.

To report any other bug, fill out the form below and e-mail it to

If you not only found the problem but solved it and generated a patch
then e-mail it to pgsql-patches@postgresql.org instead. Please use the
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Your name : Joël Brogniart
Your email address : Joel.Brogniart@univ-lyon2.fr

System Configuration
Architecture (example: Intel Pentium) : Apple iMac G3 400Mhz - Apple PowerBook G4 400 Mhz

Operating System (example: Linux 2.0.26 ELF) : Mac OS X 10.0.3

PostgreSQL version (example: PostgreSQL-7.1.1): PostgreSQL-7.1.1 - PostgreSQL-7.1.2

Compiler used (example: gcc 2.95.2) : cc 2.95.2

Please enter a FULL description of your problem:
After having compiled, tested and installed PostgreSQL successfully a PHP 4.0.5 configure fails.

Please describe a way to repeat the problem. Please try to provide a
concise reproducible example, if at all possible:
First configure, make, install PostgreSQL (full French description on <http://nte.univ-lyon2.fr/nte/ressources/fiches/mosx-postgresql-install.html>).

user% get ftp://ftp.fr.postgresql.org/pub/v7.1.2/postgresql-7.1.2.tar.gz
user% tar xzf postgresql-7.1.2.tar.gz
user% cd postgresql-7.1.2
user% ./configure --enable-locale --enable-multibyte=UNICODE --enable-unicode-conversion --enable-syslog
user% make
user% sudo make install

Then try to install PHP 4.0.5 with PostgreSQL support.

user% wget http://www.php.net/distributions/php-4.0.5.tar.gz
user% wget http://graphics.stepwise.com/Articles/Workbench/php-4.0.5-genif.sh
user% tar xzf php-4.0.5.tar.gz
user% cp php-4.0.5-genif.sh php-4.0.5/build/genif.sh
user% cd php-4.0.5
user% ./configure --with-xml --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql --with-pgsql=/usr/local/pgsql --with-zlib=/usr/lib

Configure fails with a bad zlib error.

If you know how this problem might be fixed, list the solution below:

I tried different PHP config option and I found that the problem where somewhere from libpq.a, so I used the following command and then configuration, compilation and installation of PHP worked.

user% sudo ranlib /usr/local/pgsql/lib/libpq.a

Best regards.

Joël Brogniart

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  • Leandro Medina at Jun 6, 2001 at 7:13 pm
    I'm porting pgsql for QNX RTP. Compiling is ok, but
    "/usr/local/pqsql/bin/initdb -D data" command fail for "core dump" in

    "VACUUM ANALYZE" | postgres -o/dev/null -O -F -Ddata template1 > /dev/null
    , into initdb script (line 635).

    Try to investigate but codes are very complex for my knowldges.

    Any idea.


    Leandro Medina
    (Ingdesi Group - R&D)

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