I've been trying to get postgresql up and running for
the past four days now.

Brief history:
- installed redhat 7, 8 weeks ago
- createdb dbpg_first complained about something when
I first tried to run it
- Erased all files that looked like postgresql from my
- downloaded postgres rpm files and did install with
--test, got lots of conflict complaints that looked
like this: "file yyyy from xxxx-7.0.2-21 conflicts
with xxxx-7.0.2-17, the yyyy file was one of the ones
I erased, so I gave up on the rpm install idea

What I did then:

- downloaded postgresql-7.0.2.tar.gz, gunzipped it
untarred it, read INSTALL, followed instructions,
regression tests ran perfect!!!
- got to the "gmake install" and LD_LIBRARY_PATH
setting parts
- started postmaster successfully
- did createdb dbpg_first, got complaint about
libpq.so.2.1, went back to the INSTALL file and
performed the /etc/ld.so.conf and ldconfig step, as
- did createdb again, didn't complain about
libpq.so.2.1, instead it gave the following:
/usr/bin/psql: error while loading shared libraries:
/usr/bin/psql: undefined symbol: pg_encoding_to_char
createdb: database creation failed

...and this is where I'm stuck. I did the entire
procedure again, and then once again with the
--enable-locale switch, neither worked. (ofcourse, the
first two installs were just with ./configure without
any switches)

Help is very much appreciated, after four days of
this, I'm slightly exhausted, lol :o)

- Pentium 166Mhz 64Mb Ram
- Redhat Linux 7.0
- 500 Mb left in hd space
- I'm east-asian, 5'10", black hair, brown eyes, 33
waist, grade two dropout, don't drink or smoke, and
have no known health problems. Hope that helps in
fixing the install :o)

Abuzar Chaudhary
[email protected]

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