Postgresql works fine using psql, but when trying to
create, update, or insert with phpPgAdmin, I get an error messageas

PostgreSQL said: ERROR: getattproperties: no attribute tuple 1259 -2

The fix for this problem was suggested by Corey Minyard
<[email protected]>.

When you compile postgresql7 for the PowerPC, you need to apply the
"alpha" patches to the PowerPC as well. There are some lines that say:

%ifarch alpha
%patch0 -p1

in the postgresql.spec file (assuming you compiled it that way). You
need to change it to:

%ifarch alpha ppc
%patch0 -p1

I'm not sure if you folks are aware of this or not, but the ppc rpms on
your site are broken as well. Compiling as suggested above fixs this
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Mitch Radcliffe

Neil Jolly

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