Thanks to Mike Mascari, a couple of bugs were found in the RPM
packaging. These have been fixed:
1.) In the pgaccess startup script, the path to main.tcl was wrong;
2.) -i wasn't being passed to postmaster.

There are still some documentation issues, most notably the pg_ctl man
page (unless I am missing where it is in the RC1 tarball.). Of course,
most of the documentation issues will be fixed in time for the release
-- for which I can wait.

The same cautions apply as do to ANY beta release.

Also, this is the first RPM set built under RedHat 6.2, which I upgraded
to yesterday. I'll need folks with RedHat 6.0 and 6.1, as well as
Mandrake 6.x and 7.0 users to test for me. On Mandrake, you need to
have the readline package installed, which is apparently not installed
by default.

For non-RedHat RPM-based systems, go to rpmfind.net, go to the 6.5.3-7
RPM's, and look at the dependencies -- follow the link to see what
package in your distribution provides that package, then use rpm
-qa|grep to good effect to determine if you have that package
installed. You will need the RedHat chkconfig package, for sure, which
is not shipped with SuSE or Caldera, amongst others.

ftp://ftp.postgresql.org/pub/bindist/RPM/beta to download.

Lamar Owen
WGCR Internet Radio
1 Peter 4:11

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