Hi Folks

Has anybody encountered any differences between performance of
Postgres 8.4.5 between Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit (Lucid) and Ubuntu 10.10 64
bit (Maverick) ?

A colleague and I have similar spec dev machines.
He is running Maverick and I am running Lucid.
Both machines have a very "standard" desktop setup - most software
installed from Ubuntu repos.

We both loaded a production sized database dump onto our dev machines
and tested our application (a Rails app).
We noticed some interesting differences.

Time to load dump
Lucid - approximately 30 minutes
Maverick - more than 4 hours 30 minutes (we left it to finish
overnight so we are not sure how long it took in the end).
The load used psql to load an uncompressed dump created with pg_dump -
same file on both machines.

Time to load a fairly complex page
Lucid - more than 120 seconds
Maverick - approximately 7 seconds

We realise that this is a fairly crude comparison but it seems odd to
us that one machine is noticeably faster to load the dump and the
other is noticeably faster to execute the query.

Some of the things that we have considered that we thought might
account for the difference:

version of Postgres - 8.4.5 on both machines (from Ubuntu repo)
file system type - ext4 on both machines
postgresql.conf - the same on both machines

Does anybody have any suggestions as to what might cause such a
difference (or noticed such a difference themselves) ?

Many thanks

Regards, Tony

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