Hello everyone... again. Some of you know what i want to do by the name of
the subject, however i will explain it again along with the suggestions that
some of you have kindly told me:

I have my postgres DB server with 2 databases, which are simmilar from each
other but differents at the same time, what i am doing is to migrate from
Tinyerp db server to Openerp db server, the tables from each one are (too)
similar but different.

Postgresql 8.2 server

So what i want is to transfer the data from DB1 to DB2, table per table, i can't
do a restoration to DB2 from a DB1 backup since the rows from each DB are
slightly different. Well, some of you have told me that i could use the dblink
module to make the DBs communicate to each other, and be able to do something

INSERT INTO db2.table_2 (table2_row1,table2_row2,table2_row3,...,...,...,)

FROM dblink db1.table_1 (table1_row1,table1_row2,table1_row3,...,...,...,)

or something like above but using, of course, the dblink command, now the
question is: somebody knows how to install the dblink in a postgresql 8.2
running in windows? I've found how to install it in a postgresql 8.3 in linux,
but not in windows. So far i haven't been able to find out this info.

I'll appreciate any help you may provide me. Thanks a lot (once again) and I
apologize for any molestation that i may cause.


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