"5.9.2. Implementing Partitioning" chapter of the official
documentation shows how to redirect data inserted into the master
table to the appropriate partition one by using a trigger function. I
like the idea of redirecting data in such a way, but having to
hardcode rules on which row to be inserted into which table makes me

IF ( NEW.logdate >= DATE '2006-02-01' AND
NEW.logdate < DATE '2006-03-01' ) THEN
INSERT INTO measurement_y2006m02 VALUES (NEW.*);
ELSIF ( NEW.logdate >= DATE '2006-03-01' AND
NEW.logdate < DATE '2006-04-01' ) THEN
INSERT INTO measurement_y2006m03 VALUES (NEW.*);

When I first read that chapter I decided that it's what I should use
in order to give users a nice interface to my partitions.
Unfortunatelly I can't hardcode rules, because a) there is too much
partitions to hardcode b) they are created dynamically

Is it possible for a trigger function to redirect a row into a
partiton table denoted by a certain column of the row?

For example, I want data in the following query to be inserted into
the table "some_value_suffix" (this table name is supposed be computed
dynamically in the trigger funcions by concatenating the 'some_value'
and suffix '_suffix'):

INSERT INTO master_table VALUES ('some_value', 42);

Can this behaviour be achieved with trigger functions?

I just don't know what is possible with them, because I haven't read
all the related docs.


Sergey Samokhin

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