PostGreSQL 7.4.5

Not sure if this is the correct list ....
We were moving a database between two laptops and used pg_dump /
pg_restore to copy a specific database.
The problem was that pg_restore kept stopping as files already existed
in the target database (even though we had dropped the target and
recreated it) We followed and exact example from the pg_restore man
As it turned out out the problem appeared to be caused by createdb not
using template0 to create the blank database - and hence creating one
partially populated. We dropped and recreated the target using -T
template0 and the restore worked fine.

The reason for the mail - would it be possible to highlight this in the
pg_restore documentation or to add a further option to pg_restore to
'overwrite' existing files?
Apologies in advance if the documentation already tells you to do


Steve Tucknott

ReTSol Ltd

DDI: 01903 828769

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